Marking the 900th anniversary of the founding of the Augustinian Abbey of St Mary, in Cirencester, by King Henry 1 in 1117. 


We hope to provide: 

  • The chance to celebrate the religious history of the Abbey and its significance to the current parish
  • An understanding and celebration of the Abbey’s cultural and economic impact on the town
  • An educational vehicle for local children
  • A festival of diverse events, designed by and for local people, to celebrate Cirencester’s rich heritage and culture, and to encourage involvement, enjoyment and enrichment
  • A high profile tourism event for the town
  • A celebration of past and present and an expression of confidence in the town’s future
  • The foundations for future development of The Abbey Grounds; to enrich Cirencester’s heritage offer for the benefit of the local population and of visitors to the town

Look out for many events throughout 2017 including a Lego model of the Abbey, built using over 70,000 bricks! 

For information on how to donate and become a Friend, Sponsor or Partner of the Abbey 900 Festival please download the leaflet or visit our website

Abbey 900 is led by a Steering Group that is a team of dedicated volunteers from all all parts of the community who have come together, united with passion for the life and future of Cirencester, to create a Festival that will reach out to all ages and benefit people from all walks of life in its diversity of events and projects.  Click here to find out more about the Abbey 900 Steering Group.

Abbey 900 – under the auspices of Cirencester Community Development Trust Ltd.  Reg, Charity No. 1150810