Six Week Free Trial of Shuttle Bus

The Royal Agricultural University (RAU) is making its 16 seater town shuttle bus available to all Cirencester residents after reading about bus cuts, parking issues and efforts by local campaign group ‘Cirencester Action on Buses’.
Claire Bloomer, local town councillor and secretary to the Cirencester Community Development Trust championed the project after her daughter’s school bus to Cirencester Deer Park was cut.
The service will start from Thursday the 12th July for a six week trial.
Commenting on the launch Cllr Bloomer said: “I am thrilled this service is being trialled, we hope that students from Deer Park, Kings Hill and Cirencester College will benefit for this new service as well as residents wanting to pop in and out of town.”
The service will not take cash and you will need to print your ticket via Cirencester Community Development Trust website or collect from the local information centre and Bingham House on Dyer Street.


Graham Barton at the RAU said: “The RAU is committed to supporting the town and this partnership with Chedworth Travel and Cirencester Community Development Trust shows what can be achieved when we work together.”
Chairman of CDC’s Cirencester parking board entered discussions with a view to helping to reduce the reliance on cars by local residents.
And a quote: Commenting on the scheme Cllr Harris said: “This is great news, every opportunity to reduce the pressure on parking should be welcomed. I hope it’s a great success.”

bus 111.jpg

Final Event for Abbey 900

Have you seen the Mosaics yet?  They are mounted on a wall near to the Norman Arch. More than 150 people congregated in the Abbey Grounds on Sunday 1 July to view the 42 mosaics created by local schools and youth groups as part of the Abbey 900 Festival that took place throughout the year of 2017, to see them “unveiled”.
Corinne Lamus, Chair of the Festival organising committee explained “The project had to be postponed because of ill health but I am sure you will agree with me that the outcome has been worth waiting for and we give thanks that Debbie (Stirling) recovered to inspire these wonderful mosaics designed and made by the younger element of our community”.
She thanked all the schools and youth groups for their hard work and thanks were expressed to John Tiffney, a member of the Abbey 900 steering group who secured the funding in this instance – the West Mercia Decorative and Fine Arts Societies and the Ernest Cook Trust. Help from Travis Perkins was also acknowledged.
Mark Harris who is the Town Councillor for the Abbey ward and has the portfolio for Community Affairs on the council officially “unveiled” them for our community – the people of Cirencester.
A short walk took the assembled group from the Mosaics to the environs of the Abbey 900 tree, planted at the Opening of the Festival in 2017 by Right Rev.Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester, where a second ceremony took place.  A Time Capsule was buried near the tree by members of the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts who had been involved in the Mosaic making, but before the actual planting, Corinne took the opportunity to address the gathering: -
“It is because of you – our community in Cirencester that the Abbey 900 Festival was such a success.  This is a last chance for me to thank all our sponsors, volunteers and the Abbey 900 steering group I was privileged to work with, for helping to provide an amazing year of events and projects in 2017.
We have endeavoured to find some objects - for example a scale model of the Abbey and some LEGO examples of bricks and model canons, together with a few posters and a programme of events to put in the Time Capsule.  We have also placed inside a USB data stick of more documents and pictures.  We can only hope that a future generation uncovering the Time Capsule will know what a data stick is!
We, as the older generation are guardians of the future and have to try to lead by example as we hand over the future of this lovely town and its community to the young.
I would now like to ask representatives from our young community to put the Time Capsule into the ground where it hopefully might be discovered by Cirencester generations of the future.”
The Rev Katie Richardson officiated throughout the afternoon, a reading was given by Tony Coleman (Corinium Radio) and Sabrina Poole (local Councillor and Trustee for Youth on Cirencester Community Development Trust) David Fowles (Deputy Chair CDC) and other members of the schools and youth groups had parts to play in the proceedings.
All were invited to a celebratory reception in the Parish Church at the end of the event.


Cirencester Big Picnic

The Cirencester Big Picnic 2018 was greeted with fantastic weather as it welcomed families to come together and take part in various activities.

The children got involved with the Arts & Crafts and Cake Decorating stalls, as well as the various games provided.

Lively music was provided by the Yukey Dukes and a large crowd gathered even with competition from the World Cup game in which England beat Panama 6 - 1

New memories and a new journey began for the event organiser David Gardner, too.  He was reunited with his long-lost brother, who arrived to attend the day’s event.

The event was an enormous success, thanks to the support of friends, sponsors and the Big Picnic Committee and it was supported by Cirencester Community Development Trust.

A special thank you to local businesses who donated prizes to the raffle : -
Jesse Smiths, Xanadu, He Says She Waffles, Tesco, H G Knights Stationery and Waterstones.

Food donations for the Community Food Table were gratefully received and the surplus at the end of the day was distributed to the local homeless, who also attended the event.

The Phoenix Festival Team win two awards

The Phoenix team were delighted to be runner up in team of the year and winner of Hospitality and Entertainment of the year. The Cirencester Chamber of Commerce awards took place at the Kings Head Corn Hall on the Friday the 11th May 2018. The phoenix will be back again on the 25th and 26th August 2018 in the Abbey Grounds, please visit their new website for more information.



Business ideas will become a reality thanks to £4.2m initiative at RAU

A £4.2m project which will support both rural and agritech businesses is taking shape at the Royal Agricultural University (RAU).

The building, on the RAU’s campus near Cirencester, is set to be a hive of activity – housing two initiatives which will provide vital support to a range of businesses.

One floor will be used by Farm491, the RAU’s expanding agritech innovation and incubation hub. Opened in 2016, Farm491 offers an affordable and flexible co-working environment for entrepreneurs looking to set up businesses which use technology to improve sustainable food production. As well as providing its members with office space, workshops and business support, there is also access to 491 hectares of farmland for research and testing. This new building adds to its current RAU sites at Trent Lodge and Harnhill.

The new structure will also be home to the Cirencester Growth Hub, an initiative which will help boost the county’s economy by assisting local businesses, of all sizes and from all sectors, to accelerate growth, create new jobs and achieve their potential.

The dual purpose building reached a milestone today (February 7) with a “topping out” ceremony, ahead of its opening this summer.

Professor Joanna Price, Vice-Chancellor of the Royal Agricultural University, said: “Entrepreneurship and innovation are central to the University’s academic mission; we have excellent links with industry and many of our students set up their own successful businesses.


“I am delighted that this new initiative will help such a range of businesses. Farm491 offers support to local, national and global agritech ventures, while Cirencester Growth Hub will provide a vital boost to the local economy; adding to the diverse range of prosperous rural businesses which Gloucestershire is already home to.”

GFirst LEP, Gloucestershire’s Local Enterprise Partnership provided just over £3m towards the initiative. GFirst LEP Chief Executive David Owen said: “GFirst LEP is thrilled to support this pioneering project, the roll-out of more Growth Hubs across the county means that more businesses than ever have access to the very best business support. The Growth Hub at the RAU is the perfect location for rural businesses and entrepreneurs to grow and contribute to the local economy of Gloucestershire.”

The Cirencester Growth Hub will provide personalised support to rural businesses of all types in the region, from pre-start through to existing companies and organisations looking to grow.  It will deliver business development and support networks, as well as strategy and advisory services.

Aidan and Sarah Stevens, directors of Cirencester-based Stratton House Hotel attended the “topping out” ceremony. Mr Stevens said: “The Growth Hub network is a fantastic initiative. We have benefited from a number of services at the Gloucester Growth Hub.


“We would encourage other local businesses to take advantage of the Cirencester Growth Hub. The hubs provide excellent local insight and knowledge. Any business that wants to grow should be able to pick up the phone to the Growth Hub and ask for help.”

The Cirencester Growth Hub is one of an expanding network of Growth Hubs which will be placed in strategic locations throughout the county. Driven by GFirst LEP, this network will enable enhanced business support services to be delivered at a range of venues to ensure that location is not a barrier for businesses to get the support they need.

The plans for the Cirencester Growth Hub have been supported by a wide-ranging group of partners including; Cotswold District Council, Cirencester Town Council, Cirencester Chamber of Commerce, Cirencester Community Development Trust and Cirencester College.

To find out more about Gloucestershire’s Growth Hub Network and how your business can access fully funded support for growth, visit You can also sign up for regular updates at

Cirencester Community Development Trust (CCDT) has great pleasure in announcing the appointment of Sabrina Poole as Trustee

Cirencester Community Development Trust (CCDT) has great pleasure in announcing the appointment of Sabrina Poole as Trustee.  Sabrina was co-opted at the last meeting of the board on Monday 8 April 2018.  She will have special responsibility for Youth, overseeing and helping to initiate projects aimed at the younger element in the town.
Sabrina is 27 years old and represents Four Acres Ward as the youngest Councillor on Cirencester Town Council. Having previously worked in international and national youth advocacy, she is looking forward to having a positive impact on the town she grew up in.

AQIVA Newsletter


Newsletter No. 14
Winter 2017/18

Mud, mud, glorious mud
Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood
So follow me, follow, down to the hollow
And there let me wallow in glorious mud

You may recognise that as the chorus of the hippopotamus song by Flanders and Swann. Some of us prefer to think of it as the dog walker’s lament. But following on from the snow, rain and mud, we’ve had the big freeze – we wait with bated breath to see what comes next.


The site is looking pretty smart at the moment, but, be warned, we will be looking for volunteers over the course of the year to help keep it that way!


The Gateway project (toposcope/roman seating/mural – see newsletter 13) is still very much alive, with various funding options still being looked at.

English Heritage have replaced the information plaque that was stolen back in May - our thanks to them. There are also new signs up reminding everyone that metal detecting is a criminal offence – there have been some instances identified in recent times.

We have our own snowdrop display, on the north side of the amphitheatre, towards the dual carriageway. Not quite Colesbourne, but a joy to look at, nevertheless.


Work is planned to refresh/improve the pathway running into the amphitheatre from Cotswold Avenue.

We will be carrying out a further series of visitor counts during the course of this year. We’ll keep you informed of the dates, but if anyone can spare an occasional hour to assist with this task, it would be much appreciated.


Not a great deal of activity this last quarter, but general maintenance work will continue during the year.

The pathway from the woods into the amphitheatre remains a problem and has been very difficult to negotiate during the early part of this year (see our opening paragraph!). Solutions are being sought within realistic budget constraints.


GREAT  NEWS:   the exit from the field onto Chesterton Lane will soon have a self closing gate. This has been a  joint initiative between the town council and AQIVA, with the cost being shared. Our sincere thanks, and a big merci beaucoup, to all those who have been wonderfully generous in giving donations and helping to make this happen. It will make for a much safer play and recreation area.



If you have been in recently, you will have noticed that considerable planting has taken place along the eastern border –  in excess of 70 shrubs and bushes, including holly, guelder rose, dog rose, hebe, cotoneaster, blackthorn, and many more. These have been provided and planted by the town council – thanks, guys. Given time, this will grow into a very attractive screen, but, guess what? It will need plenty of maintenance work. At the moment it extends about half way along, and the remaining length will have wild flowers sown.

You may also have seen the new(ish) signs that have appeared in the green spaces around town, including 4 acre field, regarding dog fouling and littering. It is sad that resource has to be put into things that should be the responsibility of everyone, but twas ever thus.


We will be repeating our amphitheatre visitor counts that started last year: these are for more than just academic interest. Amongst other things, if it can be shown that visitor numbers increase year on year, this gives much greater strength to the justification when applications are made for funding for further development and improvement. And the more visitors we can attract, the more money will be spent in the town.
It is worth repeating a paragraph from the previous newsletter.
“The amphitheatre is now receiving an increasing number of posts on Trip Advisor. Peoples’ opinions vary, some love it as a ‘hidden gem’ and others are unimpressed, seeing only ‘grassy mounds’. If you visit the amphitheatre, please feel free to post a comment on Trip Advisor or Facebook, all feedback is useful, and if you come across any interesting visitors, particularly organised groups, please let Alison know on”


We have a provisional programme for the year and most of the maintenance work will be focussed on 4 acre field and the obelisk. This can be quite arduous, but we’ve also had a lot of fun. This is very much a case of “Many hands make light work” and definitely not “Too many cooks spoil the broth” We need more cooks!

However, not all our volunteering opportunities involve heavy spade work; we also need help with, for example, visitor counts, litter-picks and organising and stewarding events such as Love Parks Week and Heritage Open Days. We will keep you informed as things are planned, and even if you can only spare an hour or so on occasions, this will make a big difference.

More detail will be circulated at the appropriate time.


We will probably be participating again in Love Parks Weeks, although a lot of effort went into organising 4 different activities last year and to be honest, the level of support was disappointing. We will also again be part of Heritage Open Day, with, at the very least, our guided walks around the amphitheatre and the evening bat walk: contrary to the comment in the previous sentence, these two events have always proved popular.


Apart from this newsletter, you can find information and photos on Facebook:

We also have a twitter account:

See also the notice board at the entrance from Chesterton Lane into 4 Acre Field

And don’t forget the website

If you would like any more detail, please contact our secretary, Alison, at

If you have friends, family, neighbours or anyone who might be interested in learning more about what is going on, please pass on our contact details.

Our committee meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of every month at Chesterton primary school, starting at 7pm. Anyone is welcome to attend and contribute, either as a visitor, or to become a member of the committee. However, please note that our March meeting has been cancelled. Dates for the next 3 months are:

March – no meeting   26 April     24 May (AGM)

Phoenix Festival Press release 2018

Phoenix Festivals’ Special Guests
This summer the Phoenix Festival will have you singing and dancing with two of the best and most sort after UK tribute acts in the world!
In its’ sixth year, this much loved free festival will be popping and rocking the Abbey Grounds, Cirencester on Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th August with special guests, ARRIVAL and FLASH.
‘ARRIVAL’ are a first class ABBA tribute act not to be missed. Their No1. multi award-winning show has sold out in over 26 countries worldwide since 1995 and was voted ‘Best ABBA Show’ and ‘Most Authentic ABBA Show’ for the last 5 years running. The winning formula of fantastic hits, ABBA trademark harmonies, authentic replica costumes, vocals and music recreates the true feel and thrill of a live ABBA show and one that is sure to bring out the dancing queen in us all.
A spokesperson from ARRIVAL said: We are absolutely thrilled to be special guests at this years’ Phoenix Festival and are very much looking forward to performing. We can't wait to see and hear all the crowds singing along and having a great time with us! So come and join us and be our Dancing Queens for the night!'
‘FLASH: A Tribute to Queen’, interact and captivate with the very best Queen hits and anthems giving audiences maximum enjoyment from start to finish and always securing a standing ovation. Described by the BBC ‘as close as it gets’ and with identical instruments and costumes, their show is an authentic representation of the magic that made Queen so special.
A spokesperson from FLASH said “We feel very honoured to be asked to perform at this year’s Phoenix, understanding it’s the Cotswolds’ only free music festival we’re excited and expecting plenty of people to join us as we celebrate the musical legacy of Freddie Mercury and Queen” 

Glen Moreman, Festival Organiser said “We are so happy to have ARRIVAL and FLASH as our special quests this year. They’ll give everyone the chance to celebrate two of the biggest and best iconic bands of all time!”

So get ready to dust off those dancing shoes and dig out those fancy dress outfits!
Any performers, artists, bands, dance troupes, DJ's or choirs etc. who are located in the Cirencester area (GL7 postcode) that want to play at the 2018 Phoenix Festival should get in touch via .
AND to help keep the Festival free, offers of in-kind, financial, or volunteer support are also always gratefully received.

Contact details

For press use only and not for publication:
Glen Moreman (Festival Organiser)
Mob: 07739 209124

Lucy Cordrey (Festival Media contact)
Mob: 07716 826467


Students of years 8 and 9 at ‘Cirencester Deer Park School’, Gaby Reeves and Phoebe King, recently got involved in supporting the Cirencester communities new annual event the ‘Cirencester Big Picnic’, taking part in a logo design competition. From all the designs involved, there could be only one Winner and one Runner up, the decision was hard after all the effort from the pupils who got involved, and the marvellous designs they created.
The ‘Cirencester Big Picnic’ is a community event organised by David Gardner, and is being supported by the Cirencester Community Development Trust, a charity that supports local projects and events such as ‘The Phoenix Festival’.
David is keen to see this event grow and expand over the years, and to travel across the country to bring other communities together. The Big Picnic will take place in the Abbey Grounds 24th June 11am - 6pm
Once the finalists of the logo design competition submitted their designs, the logos were then digitally recreated, keeping close to the original designs and styles thank you to the ‘Big Yellow Marketing Communications Ltd’ and the amazing work they produced.
A massive thank you for the prizes that were generously donated, WHSmith gift vouchers were donated by Jan Hilyer, from Roberts Hair Care in Cirencester, and Octavia Book Vouchers were donated by the ‘T4 Taxi’s’ taxi firm.
The Cirencester Big Picnic deeply appreciates all the support and the help given by those involved, to pursue the goal of “Breaking today’s social barriers” and are looking forward to making a difference.

Abbey 900

The Abbey 900 Festival 2017 year finished with a service in the parish church on 31 December when the events and projects enjoyed were celebrated and the hope that the community spirit, new friendships and collaborations formed would continue in 2018.

The Commemorative painting which was commissioned from local artist, Tracey Elphick and given to out Patron Bishop Rachel who in turn returned it to the town was handed over to the care of the Bingham Library Trust at the service.

The LEGO model of how the Abbey would have looked in the 1400s will stay in the church for the coming year for all to enjoy and a small maintenance team will dress it for the seasons and the church year. 

The accounts for the Legacy Fund for the Festival are nearly complete and it is intended to put a new working group together in the spring to administer the fund to enhance the Abbey Grounds for all to enjoy.

If you would like to join the group, please email

Bathurst Friendship Launch

Australian High Commissioner endorses friendship with Cotswold Town

Over 250 people and 170 organisations packed Cirencester Parish Church on Wednesday 18 October to hear the plans for the Friendship Initiative between Cirencester and the City of Bathurst in New South Wales Australia.

The Australian High Commissioner, The Hon Alexander Downer AC, was the guest of honour and was greeted at the door to the church by the Earl and the Countess Bathurst as well as Cllr Mark Harris before being introduced to Revd. Katie Richardson, the chair and vice chair of the Cotswold District Council and the Deputy Mayor.

The Community evening saw Cirencester’s voluntary organisations, sports clubs, the Royal Agricultural University, schools and colleges all come together to hear from their Australian counter parts by way of a video which included the Mayor of Bathurst - Graeme Hanger as well as listen to how they can get involved in the Friendship. 

A grant fund and trust is to be set up by and held within the Cirencester Community Development Trust that will pay for a young person from the Cirencester area, who would not usually have the opportunity, to travel to Bathurst NSW for work, study, sports or involvement in the voluntary sector. 

“It was a wonderful evening and it was lovely to be joined by such esteemed company as the High Commissioner,” said CCDT Ltd chair Shirley Alexander, “We are now urging community groups, clubs, organisations and businesses to get involved and come up with ways to get in touch and involved with their Australian counterparts."

Cllr Mark Harris said: “We have thrown down the gauntlet to Cirencester and the City of Bathurst to say, come on, let’s work together to develop commercial and friendship opportunities, despite the distance, we really do have so much in common.” 

To get in contact with the Bathurst Cirencester Friendship please email: or alternatively you can tweet them to @CirenBathurstFr. They also have a Facebook page and website 


Notes to Editor: High Commissioners are the Commonwealth equivalent of Ambassadors.

More information on Bathurst NSW can be found at 

Lifesaving equipment installed outside the Castle in Cirencester

Lifesaving equipment installed outside the Castle in Cirencester

A defibrillator that will provide 24 hour emergency care has been installed on the wall of the Castle at the top of Cecily Hill next to the Open Air Swimming Pool, after a donation was made to the pool from the Cirencester Round Table.

The Cirencester Open Air Pool is next door neighbour to the Castle and the two organisations teamed up to get a community defibrillator installed, which was generously donated to the pool by the Cirencester Round Table to help keep swimmers and the general public safe.

The defibrillator will remain unlocked so any member of the public can use it. It was fitted after Laura Maller, Pool Manager of the Open Air Pool, teamed up with next door neighbour, Matt Ullmer, an employee of

In July last year a usually fit and well Matt, 29, was out cycling with his friends when he felt very dizzy. He thought nothing of it and continued cycling when suddenly he went into cardiac arrest. Thankfully due to the quick reactions of his friends, a nearby doctor and the quick response of a fire engine with a defibrillator on board, Matt was given the treatment he needed to survive.

What Matt didn’t know at the time was that he was suffering from a heart condition called Viral Myocarditis. Matt has since been in and out of hospital and has now been fitted with an internal device that restarts his heart if it detects an abnormal rhythm.

Matt Ullmer, a team member of, said: “Quick access to a defibrillator is what saved my life last year. The more in the community the better.”

Laura Maller, Pool Manager of the Cirencester Open Air Pool, said: “We’re delighted to get this vital piece of equipment installed so close to the pool and are very grateful to Cirencester Round Table who donated the money for it. Defibrillators can be critical in the event of a medical emergency and are an essential piece of lifesaving equipment. A defibrillator will give a high energy electric shock to the heart through the chest wall to someone in cardiac arrest.”

Adam Baggs, Chair of the Cirencester Round Table, said: “We were only too pleased to make the donation for a community defibrillator. We hope it never needs to be used but it’s peace of mind knowing it’s there for everyone to use in an emergency.”

The equipment will automatically start to speak to anyone using it in the event of an emergency and will only administer a shock if an abnormal heart rate is detected.

Cirencester Open Air Pool is a charity organisation and relies on the generous support of volunteers, donors and sponsors to keep it running. It’s the oldest public swimming pool in continued use in the UK., who were recently voted as one of the best places to work in the UK, kindly paid for the defibrillator to be installed and will pay the ongoing annual maintenance costs too.

The defibrillator, donated by the Cirencester Round Table can be found to the right of the entrance to Cirencester Park, on the wall around the back of the Castle, adjacent to the pool.


Notes to editors:
The defibrillator is located on the wall of The Castle, around the back in the carpark
The defibrillator is for the community – any member of the general public can use it
The Cirencester Round Table generously donated the £1575 to the pool to purchase the defibrillator
The decision was made to mount the defib on the side of the Castle so the general public could gain access to it when the pool was shut out of season kindly paid for the defib to be installed and will continue to pay for the annual maintenance fees

About Cirencester Round Table:
Every year Cirencester Round Table raises close to £20,000 for a host of local charities and good causes. Fundraising is the heart of what they do.

About Cirencester Open Air Pool:
Cirencester Open Air Swimming Pool was built in 1869 offering the chance to swim in natural spring water heated to an average 27°C (80°F).

Located on the edge of Cirencester Park, there is a 28 metre main pool with slide, separate children's paddling pool, sunbathing patio as well as hot and cold refreshments. 

For 15 weeks a year volunteers have been keeping the pool open since May 1973 when Cirencester Town Council was unable to continue its involvement. Without the volunteer Committee, the pool would have closed.

Over the years, the historic site has left a legacy of many mechanical and structural problems. Thanks to funding from a supportive donor the pool recently embarked upon a visionary upgrade project to allow the pool to operate in a more economical and efficient way.

About is an award winning, independent comparison site created by a team of money experts to help make financial decisions as simple as possible through innovative technology. We donate 10% of our profits to charity, have been accredited as an Outstanding place to work by Best Companies and officially ranked the 7th best small business to work for in the UK.

Based in the Cotswolds, our team of 60 has lots to be proud of. In 2015 the Sunday Times ranked us as the second fastest growing business in the UK in the Profit Track 100. They also awarded us the Outstanding Achievement Award in the Tech Track 100. We are fully authorised and regulated by the FCA and are on a mission to make the UK better off. is independently owned by founder and EY’s “Entrepreneur of the year” finalist Chris Morling. Chris has recently been dubbed as “Britain’s Best Boss” by the UK’s media.




Cirencester Mop Fair
One of the oldest fairs in the county is making its way to Cirencester in October as the town welcomes Nichols Amusements of the Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain for the return of the annual Mop fair. The popular fair is being held in the Market Place from 12pm to 10pm on Monday the 9th and Monday the 16th October offering fairground rides and stalls.

Please click here to download map and full details

Phoenix Festival 2017

THE Phoenix Festival in Cirencester celebrated its fifth anniversary in style, as thousands of music lovers streamed into the Abbey Grounds over the weekend to enjoy the event in glorious sunshine.

The free music festival, which took place last Saturday and Sunday, is organised by volunteers and is the brainchild of the Ozone Youth Club, which came up with the idea in 2012.

The event featured two stages, an open mic platform, a performers’ arena, children’s entertainment and numerous food and drink stalls to satisfy every taste.

Festival organiser Glen Moreman described this year’s event as being “very very successful”.

He said: “We’ve made it the most successful event ever.

“It was a record breaking year, we had almost 17,000 people on site.

“It was a slightly new format that we tried this year with two stages outside.

“It’s a big community thing. Everybody here does this voluntarily, even artists performing don’t get paid.

“It’s by the town for the town and that’s the key to it.”

If anyone would like to volunteer for next year’s festival, email

The Phoenix Festival Business Launch

This year The Phoenix team are trying to encourage local businesses to get involved with the festival. CCDT and The Phoenix Volunteers  had a launch event at The Vaults @ The Golden farm. It was lovely to see so many local business in attendance. Big thanks to Andrew Brown and his team for hosting this event. Tesco's for supplying all the fizz and loaded grill who supplied all the food. One of the CCDT Trustee Melanie Scrivens kindly took some amazing snaps of the evening.


If you are interested in getting involed with the Phoenix Festival please contact