Lifesaving equipment installed outside the Castle in Cirencester

Lifesaving equipment installed outside the Castle in Cirencester

A defibrillator that will provide 24 hour emergency care has been installed on the wall of the Castle at the top of Cecily Hill next to the Open Air Swimming Pool, after a donation was made to the pool from the Cirencester Round Table.

The Cirencester Open Air Pool is next door neighbour to the Castle and the two organisations teamed up to get a community defibrillator installed, which was generously donated to the pool by the Cirencester Round Table to help keep swimmers and the general public safe.

The defibrillator will remain unlocked so any member of the public can use it. It was fitted after Laura Maller, Pool Manager of the Open Air Pool, teamed up with next door neighbour, Matt Ullmer, an employee of

In July last year a usually fit and well Matt, 29, was out cycling with his friends when he felt very dizzy. He thought nothing of it and continued cycling when suddenly he went into cardiac arrest. Thankfully due to the quick reactions of his friends, a nearby doctor and the quick response of a fire engine with a defibrillator on board, Matt was given the treatment he needed to survive.

What Matt didn’t know at the time was that he was suffering from a heart condition called Viral Myocarditis. Matt has since been in and out of hospital and has now been fitted with an internal device that restarts his heart if it detects an abnormal rhythm.

Matt Ullmer, a team member of, said: “Quick access to a defibrillator is what saved my life last year. The more in the community the better.”

Laura Maller, Pool Manager of the Cirencester Open Air Pool, said: “We’re delighted to get this vital piece of equipment installed so close to the pool and are very grateful to Cirencester Round Table who donated the money for it. Defibrillators can be critical in the event of a medical emergency and are an essential piece of lifesaving equipment. A defibrillator will give a high energy electric shock to the heart through the chest wall to someone in cardiac arrest.”

Adam Baggs, Chair of the Cirencester Round Table, said: “We were only too pleased to make the donation for a community defibrillator. We hope it never needs to be used but it’s peace of mind knowing it’s there for everyone to use in an emergency.”

The equipment will automatically start to speak to anyone using it in the event of an emergency and will only administer a shock if an abnormal heart rate is detected.

Cirencester Open Air Pool is a charity organisation and relies on the generous support of volunteers, donors and sponsors to keep it running. It’s the oldest public swimming pool in continued use in the UK., who were recently voted as one of the best places to work in the UK, kindly paid for the defibrillator to be installed and will pay the ongoing annual maintenance costs too.

The defibrillator, donated by the Cirencester Round Table can be found to the right of the entrance to Cirencester Park, on the wall around the back of the Castle, adjacent to the pool.


Notes to editors:
The defibrillator is located on the wall of The Castle, around the back in the carpark
The defibrillator is for the community – any member of the general public can use it
The Cirencester Round Table generously donated the £1575 to the pool to purchase the defibrillator
The decision was made to mount the defib on the side of the Castle so the general public could gain access to it when the pool was shut out of season kindly paid for the defib to be installed and will continue to pay for the annual maintenance fees

About Cirencester Round Table:
Every year Cirencester Round Table raises close to £20,000 for a host of local charities and good causes. Fundraising is the heart of what they do.

About Cirencester Open Air Pool:
Cirencester Open Air Swimming Pool was built in 1869 offering the chance to swim in natural spring water heated to an average 27°C (80°F).

Located on the edge of Cirencester Park, there is a 28 metre main pool with slide, separate children's paddling pool, sunbathing patio as well as hot and cold refreshments. 

For 15 weeks a year volunteers have been keeping the pool open since May 1973 when Cirencester Town Council was unable to continue its involvement. Without the volunteer Committee, the pool would have closed.

Over the years, the historic site has left a legacy of many mechanical and structural problems. Thanks to funding from a supportive donor the pool recently embarked upon a visionary upgrade project to allow the pool to operate in a more economical and efficient way.

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