Fence Panel Sponsorship for the Phoenix Festival 2017

Phoenix 17 - Festival Sponsorship Opportunities


As a local business we are offering you a great opportunity for some effective and fantastic value advertising on the fencing of our fabulous festival!


The Phoenix Festival is youth and community led, free, two-day music event that attracts tens of thousands of people to the beautiful Abbey Grounds, in Cirencester.


The festival team have created a buzzing event which is a platform where artists and businesses collaborate with young people and the local community and bring new audiences together to celebrate the value of live performance.


Phoenix Festival is entirely organised by volunteers with support from industry professionals and local businesses – the festival costs £50,000 each year to run and this year we are offering businesses a chance to support us by buying fence advertising.  You can buy your advertising space on our fence for a bargain price of £50.


To book your banner spaces please contact Claire Wardell on clairejbloomer@gmail.com.

If you want to get further involved then contact us via our Facebook page, website or email info@phoenix-festival.co.uk


If you want to find out more please find us on Facebook or visit our website where you will see for yourselves what a well-attended event we have and how much exposure your business will get.

We welcome volunteers and have many different sponsorship opportunities so you want more than a fence banner then please tell us!

Get involved!  We look forward to hearing from you!

Phoenix Festival Team – Phoenix 2016