Volunteers wanted to join in the Great LEGO build

The great LEGO build has grown very quickly from its initial opening to the public in April.  With a target of completing the build by October, the LEGO team are looking for people to join the team of volunteers.   Volunteers are asked to do one afternoon or morning session once a fortnight.  There is a particular need for volunteers who are able to work at weekends, when we have a surge in people visiting the model.  

Barbara Cooper, the LEGO Champion said “The common experience of volunteers is that the public are really engaged with the building this abbey who all are excited by such a fun project.  If you like talking to people and helping people to join in, then this is an opportunity for you.  Some of our volunteers will be LEGO enthusiasts who enjoy playing with LEGO, but we also need people who can help take the money.  We provide training and all the volunteers like helping each other. ”


If you are interested please contact Barbara Cooper 01285 885590 or email  (abbey900@gmail.com)