Final Event for Abbey 900

Have you seen the Mosaics yet?  They are mounted on a wall near to the Norman Arch. More than 150 people congregated in the Abbey Grounds on Sunday 1 July to view the 42 mosaics created by local schools and youth groups as part of the Abbey 900 Festival that took place throughout the year of 2017, to see them “unveiled”.
Corinne Lamus, Chair of the Festival organising committee explained “The project had to be postponed because of ill health but I am sure you will agree with me that the outcome has been worth waiting for and we give thanks that Debbie (Stirling) recovered to inspire these wonderful mosaics designed and made by the younger element of our community”.
She thanked all the schools and youth groups for their hard work and thanks were expressed to John Tiffney, a member of the Abbey 900 steering group who secured the funding in this instance – the West Mercia Decorative and Fine Arts Societies and the Ernest Cook Trust. Help from Travis Perkins was also acknowledged.
Mark Harris who is the Town Councillor for the Abbey ward and has the portfolio for Community Affairs on the council officially “unveiled” them for our community – the people of Cirencester.
A short walk took the assembled group from the Mosaics to the environs of the Abbey 900 tree, planted at the Opening of the Festival in 2017 by Right Rev.Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester, where a second ceremony took place.  A Time Capsule was buried near the tree by members of the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts who had been involved in the Mosaic making, but before the actual planting, Corinne took the opportunity to address the gathering: -
“It is because of you – our community in Cirencester that the Abbey 900 Festival was such a success.  This is a last chance for me to thank all our sponsors, volunteers and the Abbey 900 steering group I was privileged to work with, for helping to provide an amazing year of events and projects in 2017.
We have endeavoured to find some objects - for example a scale model of the Abbey and some LEGO examples of bricks and model canons, together with a few posters and a programme of events to put in the Time Capsule.  We have also placed inside a USB data stick of more documents and pictures.  We can only hope that a future generation uncovering the Time Capsule will know what a data stick is!
We, as the older generation are guardians of the future and have to try to lead by example as we hand over the future of this lovely town and its community to the young.
I would now like to ask representatives from our young community to put the Time Capsule into the ground where it hopefully might be discovered by Cirencester generations of the future.”
The Rev Katie Richardson officiated throughout the afternoon, a reading was given by Tony Coleman (Corinium Radio) and Sabrina Poole (local Councillor and Trustee for Youth on Cirencester Community Development Trust) David Fowles (Deputy Chair CDC) and other members of the schools and youth groups had parts to play in the proceedings.
All were invited to a celebratory reception in the Parish Church at the end of the event.