Administration Manager for CCDT

Cirencester Community Development Trust

Job description

Administration Manager
Key Aims of the Trust:
- help to make Cirencester a great place to live;
- assist in community development in Cirencester;
- help young people build skills and access opportunity;
- advance the Arts & support understanding of the town’s history and heritage

Job Overview: To provide the secretarial and administrative support for the Board to help them to achieve the Trust’s objectives. The main tasks are dealing with regular correspondence and help the Chairman organise the monthly Board meetings. To be familiar with the rules and regulations of the CCDT and assist the Board in ensuring it complies with them.

Reports to: The Chairman of the Board

Roles & Responsibilities:

To work approximately 4 hours a week, mainly at the Cirencester Town Council (CTC) offices where the Trust have a desk allocated and meeting rooms are available. A laptop and other office facilities eg photocopier are provided by CTC.

Deal with routine communications with the Trust via post and email. Ensure that the CCDT desk and the records stored at at the town council offices are maintained in good order. 

Assist the Chairperson to prepare the agenda and manage the distribution of all key documents for the monthly Board meetings in a timely manner.  This also applies to AGM and Town Team meetings which are held twice a year. To book the rooms for these meetings, take the minutes and distribute them promptly.

To help organise and attend various events to promote the trust and the various projects it supports.

To work with the Social Media Manager to help to ensure that communications within the Trust run smoothly.

To be aware of the duties of the Treasurer and of the importance of financial controls and reporting to the Board. To assist him where necessary in carrying out these tasks.

To be willing to provide additional hours of voluntary work for the Trust.

If you would like to apply for the role, please email with your CV and a covering letter

Applications close on the 30th August