Social Media Manager Job

Cirencester Community Development Trust

Job description

Social Media Manager

Key Aims of the Trust:
- help to make Cirencester a great place to live;
- assist in community development in Cirencester;
- help young people build skills and access opportunity;
- advance the Arts & support understanding of the town’s history and heritage

Overview: To make use of social media to help promote the work of the Trust and of the projects it supports using multi-media platforms.  

Reports to: The Chairman of the Board

Roles & Responsibilities:

To work approximately 4 hours a week, the work location is flexible and it is worth noting that office accommodation is available at Cirencester Town Council offices and at the Growth Hub at the Royal Agricultural University.

Advise the Board on a social media strategy to help communicate with the local community about its activities.

To manage the Trust’s website content as a prime source of information on what the Trust is working on and keep it up to date with current activities in conjunction with other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and any blogs.

To collect information relating to the Trusts projects e.g. press releases from the relevant project leaders or Trustees on a regular basis. (This may involve ‘pestering’ these people as politely as possible to ensure you can carry out your job!)

To liaise with other organisations that the Trust works in partnership with e.g. Chamber of Commerce and Cirencester Town Council for information on related activities.
Monitor output via these platforms to ensure that outgoing communications are appropriate and that they have not been corrupted e.g. hacked.

To provide the Board with regular reports including performance statistics associated with PR and social media where it is considered useful. In addition to attend all board meetings.

If you are interested in this role please email your CV & Covering letter to

Closing date 30th August 2018