Volunteering can be a Pathway to Employment or a preparation for an active and rewarding retirement. The Cirencester Community Development Trust are launching a database of volunteers so if you have any time, from a few minutes to a few hours there will be a volunteering opportunity for you. If you would like a regular slot, to work on a rota with others, giving a day a week or a day a month register with our web site and we will pass your details to a local charity or organisation in need of your services

Cirencester is full of events and projects, so why not get involved. If you are wanting to get more involved in volunteering your time, then please get in touch. Volunteering doesn't have to be full time, it could just be a hour or two a month, no matter how much or how little time you have, you can be assured that you would be very welcomed. We are constantly looking for volunteers for many different events and projects. It really is a great way to meet new people,engage with local communities, enhance your town, learn new skills and work as part of a team. 


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer then please fill in the eform below. If you have any difficulties filling in the form then please contact Angie on 07770697710 or 01285 655646, who will be happy to assist you. Once you have sumbitted your form, Claire will contact you and ask a few questions in irder to find the best option for you. We really look forward to hearing from you.

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