The  Cirencester Community Development Trust Ltd. was formed in 2012. Aspects of the Community Plan, Our Future Cirencester are embedded in our thinking.

The Trust itself is made up of a Board of Trustees and individual members, the Town Team.

Our focus is the enhancement of the community life of the people of Cirencester and the surrounding area. Our key aims are:

  • to help to make Cirencester a great place to live;
  • to assist community development in Cirencester;
  • to help young people build skills and access opportunity;
  • to advance the Arts & support and understanding of the history and heritage of the town.

Trust’s activities in 2015-16 have been possible through direct grant funding from Cirencester Town Council.  In addition, CCDT projects have been funded by over £165,000 of sponsorship, commercial, and funding in-kind, as well as the significant economic contribution of volunteer time. 

Key achievements for 2015-16 include the following projects and events:

  • Hare Festival Way
  • Phoenix Festival: a great attraction, building skills for young people and bringing the community together.
  • Innovation Partnerships: building skills and mentor networks for young people.
  • Summer in Cirencester and Bands in the Park: helping to make Cirencester a great place to live and a thriving market town.

CCDT’s strategic priorities centre on enablement; with a specific focus on sustainability, innovation and access to opportunity.  CCDT will facilitate partnerships and collaborative working, by providing seed funding and a framework of governance, to kick start community-focussed projects and initiatives in Cirencester and the surrounding area.