The Cirencester Community Railway

We can reduce our carbon footprint, save cost and time and put Cirencester back on the map by re-opening the old line to the outskirts of the town. It would take up some of the car park at Kemble Station, but there is already an overflow car park in place, there will be no need to park so many cars and there will be space available at the new Main Station opposite the RAU. There is plenty of room for a car park there, and it is convenient for Deer Park, Cirencester College and the proposed Chesterton Development.

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The route is less than 6 miles long and still clear for much of the way. Some bridges will have to be re-built or checked and of course, there will be a lot of track to lay.

The end of the line needs to be within an easy walk from the Market Place. So, it is planned to follow the old route from Kemble and then to branch off and pass the RAU entrance and run along Tetbury Road to halt opposite the Old Station Car Park.


A single reliable passenger carriage with built-in propulsion is required. Ideally, in the longer term, this would be battery electric powered. In the interim it may be necessary to use a hybrid diesel-battery-electric. It would seat about 20, with standing room for 25 more during rush hours. The project is at the stage of preparing the specification for the feasibility study and raising the funds for that study.